Viewed nationally as a reference of quality products


In the market since 2003, we’re a modern and consolidated industry, placed in one of the biggest Brazilian agribusiness poles. From here, we arrive to the whole country as a reference of quality products, with a spotlight on our brands: Bonare and Tomadoro Premium.

All this quality comes from our main value: preserving the taste and freshness in all that we make. For this commitment we choose to have our industry quite close to the cultivation area. That’s how we take raw material from the field to preparation in only 6 hours, keeping the nutrients, the softness and the consistency of the food. Just like real food should be.


Our recipe for success was creating options for all. We’re proud children, youngsters, families and salespeople delighting themselves with the best flavor of life: real food!

Our main raw materials, sweet corn and tomatoes, are harvested and prepared in up to 6 hours. This is only possible because of the strategic location of the industry within a radius of 30 kilometers away from the raw material’s place of culture. The faster the raw material is processed, the bigger is the nutrient, freshness, softness, richness and flavor preservation.

Real food. Just like that!

Beyond having solid values, Bonare’s secret lies in knowing how to cultivate, employing the correct time of harvesting and making innovation a tool to guarantee the preservation of all the properties of the food.

To meet the most sophisticated needs and tastes.

The perfect combination between a high concentration of tomatoes, flavor and a pinch of great profitability for your businesses.